In 1964 my grandmother brought my brother and I to Saint Louis,Mo which I thought would be just for a summer visit with her. However it turn out to be a 55 year stay. I didn’t know we were moving there. My mother’s sister drop off her son, my first cousin too. So we three boys spent the last part of summer together. Everyday we,d get up in the morning and travel all over the city site seeing and playing around. In September my brother and I had a birthday coming up, mines was the 11th and his was the 12th . I was thirteen then.

Well summer ended and my cousin went back to Nashville,TN . I was thinking about what to do cause winter was coming up. While walking through the neighborhood and I saw a sign in a window that said help wanted. I found out it was a newspaper distributor for the Globe Democrat newspaper. So I went in and got my first job as a paperboy. There wasn’t any local paperboys in my area so I had a good start, the neighborhood was mine for the taking. Newspapers cost 35 cent for the daily and 75 cent for the sun-day paper, which gave me an earning of 15 cent for the daily and 25 cent for the sun-day papers.

It was a long cold winter that year in Saint Louis. I would get up at 4:30 in the morning to deliver those papers before I went to school and then in the evening after I got out of school. I had found myself a good place to sell my sun-day papers on sun-day up at the catholic church. The church had three masses on sun-day, one at 7 o’clock another at 9 o’clock and the last at 11 o’clock. I did very well selling papers. There was a little cafe around the corner from where I stayed that I would stop at in the morning to eat myself a fried egg sandwich and have a glass of milk. I sold papers that year from October to December.

My mother showed up in December and my grandmother had decided to move and my mother had found a place for us to move too. So thanksgiving came and then Christmas came and it was the same as usual no Christmas for me, but that was okay I had got use to that and it was that another year had come and gone, 1965 was around the corner and it was a new year.

You Must Improve On A Daily Base

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