Living in a rural area the need for money was minimal. Most of the things you ate was grown in gardens and you had live stock. Now living in an urban area is a different situation cause in an urban area money is the blood of life. Everything you do cost money and this was something I learn early that money is life’s blood. Like the blood in your body, you can’t live without it, neither can you live without money in a city. I had lost my paper job so now I had to think about what I was going to do to earn some type of an income. My mother had moved us to a more northern part of St. Louis closer to the county. There are two parts of St. Louis. You have St. Louis city and then there is St. Louis County. We had moved to 5151 Cabanne ave. I remember it well seeing how I was born in 51.

It was 1965 a whole new year to start with, I had moved into a new environment from a rural area to a urban area. In a rural area I never thought about money very much cause the nearest city or town was at least sixty or seventy miles away, the nearest city being Sheffield Alabama, it was just out side of Muscle Shoals Alabama. Living in the country or rural area there were no stores, we lived in Town Creek, Alabama, so when you wanted to buy something like candy or snacks or a soda, there was a little old lady name miss patsy who would buy these items and keep her house stock with merchandise to sell to everyone in the surrounding area. Miss patsy I guess was about sixty or seventy years old and that’s how she supplemented her income and I guess she was getting social security I don’t know.

Well we moved and I had to transfer in the middle of the year to another school, it seem that I was always moving and changing schools. I started going to a school name Enright Middle, it was a very large school, I knew it had to contain at least 1200 students the hall ways was always crowded you couldn’t help from bumping in someone when changing classes. The place we lived in was like a rooming house there were lots of people living there. In the day after school I’d go up to the play ground by the school and watch the other kids play ball. They were playing little league base ball and so happen this lady ask me if I wanted to play. She told me that she was the manager of a new formed baseball team that had just join this league in the Mathew Dickey’s Boys Club. I started playing little league baseball.

I had lost my paper job so I didn’t have money to pay for a uniform, so this lady was nice enough to pay for my uniform. This was a happier time in my life and I couldn’t wait for school to get out in the evening so I could go to practice and play ball. That summer I spent it playing little league baseball. It is said that everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame and so I guess this was my fifteen minutes of fame in the little league all star game. I was the last pitcher to pitch in the game and we were losing, however I did my best. I threw for three innings, I threw twenty seven strikes and three balls. After the game the other clubs managers tried to get me to play for their team. In the end that was my last time I ever played baseball. At the end of summer I got news we were moving again and my mother was going back down south so she took my brother and I to stay with her brother and we moved into St. Louis County I was fourteen at that time.

Believe In Yourself




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