I was fourteen years old and moving into St. Louis County was again a new experience and a new environment. Living in someone else house, instead of your own home has a great disadvantage cause you can’t do in someone else house what you do in your own. There were so many things I begin to learn as each day came and went. I had no idea of what was going on or what I was doing. It was like that God within was guiding me, so I paid close attention to my thoughts more carefully now. I guess one thing I did begin to realize was that life didn’t take any prisoner. I could become a victim or a survivor of life. I always ask a lot of questions, but wasn’t getting many answers. So after the county move I manage to get my paper job back and it less all of about one month and was bought out by a larger paper company the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, so my paper days were over.

So I begin to pay more attention to going to school and trying to get an education. I knew that learning was easy for me. I would always try to isolate myself from everyone else while in class. You always had the other kids in the room who didn’t know anything and wasn’t trying to learn anything and spent most of their time bull-shitting in class. When it came to doing work in class they would always want to copy off your work and they didn’t know or didn’t care if it was right or wrong just as long as they had something down on their paper. School was not that hard for me to learn and understand things.

So many kids I went to school with just couldn’t comprehend the lesson plan the teacher was trying to teach. Later on I understood why I went to school and yet today some people still don’t know why they went to school. Now here it is, you go to school to learn how to think. That’s why thinking is so important. I couldn’t figure out why some people can’t think, they will ask someone else for advice or to tell them what they should do. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Well I manage to get through school at least to eleventh grade and then I quit and went and found myself a job.

I started out working in the manufacturing industry. First job in that industry that I work on was at a place call KISCO making ammunition shells for the military, 105mm and 155mm, 175mm shell for those big guns that the military use. I was seventeen at the time. I could see from the start that life wasn’t going to be easy and I would have to work and it would be hard. But I learn then that a job would come and go. When they didn’t need you any more they would lay you off. So my next move was job hunting again. I then learn something about the fast food industry and got a job at Steak-N-Shake and work there until 1968. After which I went back to the manufacturing industry and got on at a tool & die shop call Smith Tool & Engineer and work there until fall of 1969 just before I went into the military.

During the 60’s was the fastest growing time in my life. It seem as if I was 9 yrs old then all of a sudden I was 18 yrs and going into the service. My time in the army was brief and adventurous during the vietnam war. I was scared as hell during my time there and when I came home seem like I had been away for ever. Everything was so different. I for got to mention that back in the 60’s when I was 15 yrs old I had met a girl I had fallen head over heels for. A couple years later we had a son. He was 6 months old when I left for the army and when I got back he was walking and 2 yrs old. I guess this is where manhood begin for me.

“Give It All You Got”

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