You Must Have Faith

Affirmations that, if you will repeat them until it becomes a habit for you to think along these lines of thought as automatically and persistently as you have in the old lines, will so completely change your life expression that you will, in comparison with your past, seem like a new person.

What to Avoid

Avoid negative expression. Never use words that are not in line with your desire. Here are three expressions to avoid, I cannot afford it! It is common when one desires a thing and does not feel that he can expend the cash for it to say, “I cannot afford it!” For what are the dollars in your purse? To spend. Can you afford to spend them? Is it not that for which you have them? You do not mean that you cannot afford. This thought makes you the servant of the dollar. What you really mean is, I do not feel that this thing is the one I can best buy now. I prefer to use the dollar in other ways. This is the proper attitude of mind. In it you continue to be the Master and the dollar is subject to your decision. This may seem like a very little thing. But it is the most important thought you can apply in your career for success. It is “Dollars want me!” thought, and not the thought, “I want dollars to tell me what I shall do with them!”

I have spent to much! This is the second expression to avoid. Have you spent or exchanged that which represented value for something of value which it stood for? You bought a suit of clothes. Twenty dollars exchanged for clothes. In taking an account of stock you only change twenty dollars from cash account to assets. Your account balances is the same. Investment. Another way to look at money expended is as an investment. Fifty dollars invested in mining stock and you look for dividends. So invest every dollar that passes out of your hands. It is an investment in education, in health, in experience. Feel thus toward the dollars, as they go, and then your mental attitude will be so clear that you will see opportunities for other investments that will bring sure dividends. Regret, sorrow, fears, remorse, and all such attitudes of mind so cloud the judgment that other effects similar to those regretted will follow.

Happy, peaceful, contented, trustful, self respectful mental states keep the reason, conscience and judgment clear and proper investments will be made under them. Always see a dividend coming in from every dollar that goes from your pocket. The greatest of all dividends is Experience, for it is ever afterward a mental asset, that increases the value of every decision. I’ve lost to much! This, the third expression to avoid, is akin to the spending idea, but worse. Away with it. The lesson learned is worth all it cost. Nature always gives “measure for measure” So much experience for future guidance is always adequate recompense. All one gets out of life is the result of experience. Experience is the expression of life – the pressing out of life into consciousness. All our present consciousness is the result of experience. The present is but adding, through experience, to the sum total of our consciousness.

So is it true that we act with all our past, and think in the present. For this reason, no one has any cause to regret, or repent, or be sorry for any experience. One is today, in consciousness, all that he has expressed of the infinite possibilities of the Soul. Let him say, “I have always expressed as my reason, my desire and my will have determined. I have learned by experience what expression brings happiness and what misery. According to my power to choose, to decide and to persist have I used the experience. Because of my use of dollars I learn how to use them if I am wise. If I do not learn, then the want which I allow myself to feel for the dollar will be the cause of more suffering!” Once one has mastered that want by realizing the principles set down in money management, he will feel no sorrow over lost dollars, for he will know that the dollar spent, or the dollar others call “lost,” is his as experience forever.

Financial freedom is the real desire which actuates men in their labors for the dollar. That freedom will never come as long as one puts in the dollar any power to add to, or to detract from, his happiness. Until he realizes that it is his attitude toward the use of the dollar, that will bring satisfaction, there will always be the cry of want!

“Happiness is not contain in what you get. Happiness is contain in what you become.”

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