Science has revealed the mechanism of the body and mastered the secrets of its marvelous construction and action; but the mystery of mind is as yet but dimly understood. Very few have even a faint realization of its immense hidden powers. The body becomes unconscious in sleep and all its voluntary activities cease. But the mind — what does it do when the body sleeps? We know it does not sleep, for when the body is wrapped in slumber the memory and imaginations slip out of their houses and go where they will. They wander in scenes of the past or they project themselves into the future. Now they are visiting in the past, now in the future, now in silence, now they are among the stars. What embodiment do they assume? Or do they take visible form? They certainly seem to be completely independent of the body during sleep.

The new psychology explains the mystery of mind in a very simple way. It claims that part of the mind which continues in activity when we sleep is that marvelous force in the great sub-conscious within us which if understood and rightly used, will enable man to reach the heights of his limitless possibilities. We know that we are tapping a new source of power. When we can do this intelligently, scientifically, we shall all be performing what hitherto have been regarded as miracles. We are just beginning to realize that the subconscious mind is the channel by which we connect with infinite reality; with the great creative processes of the universe; that through it man can tap the Infinite Mind and accomplish things that will dwarf to insignificance achievements that now excite our wonder and admiration.

Everything, so far as results are concerned, depends upon the degree of intelligence and conscious purpose with which we use the sub-conscious mind, for it is forever occupied registering on the invisible creative substance your every thoughts, emotions, desires, wishes, or feelings. It never sleeps, but is incessantly working on the suggestions it receives from the conscious or objective mind. Your habitual thoughts, your convictions, your visions, your dreams, your beliefs, are all impressed upon it, and will ultimately be expressed in your life.

In other words, your sub-conscious mind is your servant, and proceeds instantly, without quibbling, without questioning, no matter whether it is a big thing or a little thing, whether it is right or wrong, to obey the order, to follow the suggestion, you give it. For instance, when you want to take an early train, or to get up in the middle of the night for some purpose, when you haven’t been accustomed to doing so, and you say to yourself, or hold the thought in mind before dropping off to sleep, “I must wake up in time to get that train in the morning,” or, “I must get up at one o’clock to-night,” you are sure to awaken at almost the exact time you register, when, perhaps, you haven’t been awake at that hour before in a year.

You have no alarm clock; no one calls you; what wakes you up at just the right time? You probably never asked yourself the question, or thought about it. But it was that little faithful subconscious servant who was on the watch for you while you slept. A similar thing is true of our appointments; making dates or engagements for some time in the future. You agree to meet a man to-morrow or someday next week at a certain place and hour. You don’t make any written record of it and the thing passes out of your mind. But when the time comes round you are reminded of your engagement.

From long experience I know that something inside of me will bring every engagement I make to my consciousness in time for me to attend to it. I don’t keep thinking of it all the time. Not at all. I file it away in the within of me as I would file a business letter for future reference. Then I dismiss it from my thought, knowing that it will be taken care of at the proper time. The trained man learns to commit all sorts of things to his sub-conscious secretary, knowing from experience that it will serve him faithfully, not only in comparatively small things, such as awakening him at any desired hour in the night or early morning, constantly reminding him of his engagements, but also in the serious problems of life.

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