7 ways to open up your natural creative Thinking

When we assume, we often make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. Assumptions are examples of lazy thinking. Assumptions are the mother of all screw ups. We simply don’t wait to get all the information we need to come to the right conclusions. There is the story of the customer at the bank who after cashing a check and turning to leave, returns and says: “Excuse me, I think you made a mistake.” The cashier responds, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. You should have counted it. Once you walk away we are no longer responsible.” Whereupon the customer replies: “Well, okay. Thanks for the extra $20.” Tip: When you feel yourself wanting to draw conclusions, just wait until you have all the information, the facts.

Avoid The Habit Of Discontent

It is said that man is a lazy animal. We are all more or less prone to indolence and it is the easiest and most natural thing in the world for young people to do is to accustom themselves to lying down or lounging on a sofa because they think they are tired or not well. Much of the so-called invalidism is simply laziness fostered and indulged from childhood. There is great danger that young girls who are delicate while growing up, and lounge around the house and lie down whenever they feel the least bit out of sorts, will form a habit of invalidism when they reach maturity.

Principles Of Affirmations To Succeed

Happy, peaceful, contented, trustful, self respectful mental states keep the reason, conscience and judgment clear and proper investments will be made under them. Always see a dividend coming in from every dollar that goes from your pocket. The greatest of all dividends is Experience, for it is ever afterward a mental asset, that increases the value of every decision.