Laptop Repair Video Course

It doesn't matter if you want to make money offering your laptop repair services to people, or if you want to save money repairing your laptop yourself. This course is for everyone. Life happens and things break. You're going to spill soda on your laptop, a key is going to break off the keyboard, the trackpad is going stop working, it's going to overheat, the hard drive is going to be corrupted, it's going to move at a snail's pace compared to the newest laptops coming out... wouldn't you like to replace components in your laptop rather than paying someone else $200-300 for a single repair, or $500-2000 for a brand new laptop? This course empowers you to do just that.


Audience Toolkit

A Brand New Software That Allows You To Build A Highly Targeted Audience And Automate Your Social Networking… No More Wasting Countless Hours Daily Turn Your Social Profile Into A Lead Machine Skyrocket Your Messages & Engagement Build Laser Targeted Audiences In Any Niche 10x Your Results With Dynamic Personalized Messages And More… Auto-Like Profile, Groups and Newsfeed Posts Like Up To 100 Post On Auto-Pilot Make The Algorithim Work For You Gain Immediate Influence With Your Audience Engaged Leverage Is The New Trend…


Laptop Repair Made Easy

Start repairing laptops straight away while using free, substandard online material for guidance - which will inevitable result in having to reimburse customers for any permanent damages their laptops sustain because of your lack of skills On the bright side, the laptop repair industry is a fast growing business and the demand for skilled repairers was never so high. And this demand is expected to continue to increase ever year... Well, today you're in luck; you'll get to watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to repair laptops and netbooks in my video series : Laptop Repair Made Easy™


Computer Repair Manual And Business Guide Ebook

ilmIT™ Computer Repair Manual and Business Guide e-book teaches you all the skills you need to have, all the software and hardware you need to possess to create the ultimate computer repair kit. Equipped with the right software, the right hardware and this ebook, you can start fixing computers TODAY! Yes it is easy and yes you can do it yourself! ✔ Stop paying for computer repair forever! ✔ Start making money fixing computers! ✔ Now anyone can learn to fix computers in just 3 days! ✔ Great for beginners, intermediate and advanced users! ✔ Start your very OWN computer repair business today!


Best Removal Tool

Do you want to completely Uninstall Tool that is half-installed/uninstalled incorrectly? Would you like to uninstall software which is not in the currently installed programs list so you can not uninstall it through the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs? Have you been afraid of the Windows system errors or crash when you uninstall software manually? Best Removal Tool can enable you to completely uninstall software that the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs can’t uninstall. Do you want to completely Uninstall Tool that is half-installed/uninstalled incorrectly? Download software removal tool to uninstall software and remove software Buy software removal tool to uninstall software and remove software.



GROWTH MINDSET 101 Start The Year With A Deliberate Focus On The Growth And Development Of You You now have the opportunity to deliver key information that thousands of people need with the highest quality content in various media that you can be proud to share with your audience All the research and hard work has been done for you to reach this massive audience! including a ton of DIVERSE CONTENT and many EDITABLE SOURCE FILES SO YOU CAN USE IT IN UNLIMITED WAYS


Videract Pro

Add an opt-in directly in your videos. This is an incredible lead generation opportunity that local businesses, marketers, e-commerce stores, affiliate marketers who do reviews etc. need to take advantage of. When a user is watching a video, the video will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will appear. Once the opt-in is either filled in or closed down, the user can continue watching the video. Oh… and the coolest thing about video opt-ins is that you can add it to any of your existing videos. You don’t have to record a ton of new videos just to add an opt-in form. Drive urgency with countdown timer in your next interactive video. Create a sense of curiosity and excitement among the viewers of your video and boost sales and click-through-rates. This makes it clear to your viewers that if they don’t act fast, they might miss out on all you have to offer—and no one likes feeling left out.