Your Attitude Matter

Thinking about the times growing up when I was in my youthful years as a youngster. I never had any encouragement from anyone, only thing I ever heard was what I won’t be.

However that didn’t discourage me because I had my own thoughts about things and what was possible. Being born less fortunate than others I never knew that was the way it was, but it soon became apparent. I love going to school and learning something that I didn’t know. Learning was an experience and I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and go to school. It was better than staying at home. I enjoyed going on field trips and visiting different institutions like the history museum or the art museum. Most of the times though I couldn’t go for lack of money. That just how it was.

Learning and knowing was very important to me because I didn’t know anything and no one was teaching me anything except what I was learning in school. I always like to read when I learned how too. Earl Nightingale wrote; “A person that does not read is no better than a person who cannot read.” That has a lot of truth to it. Literacy is very important in our society, no one should want to be an illiterate. I knew a lot of people that were illiterates when I was growing up, they were born in 20’s and 30’s I myself was born in the 50’s. I could never understand how a person could not learn how to read and write and educate themselves to be better than they were.

It has taken me a life time to learn the purpose of what I wanted out of life. Now I think I can go forward with a better understanding of how to live a happier existence. What I did as a little boy was stumble my way through life with no guidance or direction, cause I had no parents that knew anything to teach me when they didn’t know themselves. I was very inquisitive as a kid, always asking a lot of questions about things I wanted to know. I was then ask what do you want to know that for. So I learn how to reference what I wanted to know through using the encyclopedia and visiting the library which I learn from a teacher. Memories has an effect on you as wanting to remember somethings and trying to forget others. I remember when president Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Tx. In 1963 I was twelve years old living in Huntsville, Alabama that was a very bad time for the country.

I remember my mother then took my brother and I back to where I was born in Decatur, Alabama this was in November of 1963 where we lived until that coming year in the summer of 1964 and my grandmother came back to visit her sister and in August of that year, my grandmother took my brother and I to Saint Louis,Missouri. I have a cache of memories that I reflect upon in my mind that’s rather hard to forget. While these thoughts and memories I think about seem to stay fresh in my mind and seem not to let me forget the past memories and experiences within my life.